Nursing Assistant Certification Program

About Our Course

Individuals who graduate from our certified nursing assistance course earn: 

  • C.N.A. designation 
  • CPR/First Aid
  • 7 hours of HIV/AIDS training 
  • Mental Health 
  • Dementia specialty course 
  • Safety Orientation Certificates. 

Students graduate in less than 3 weeks. Total hours - 118

Classroom hours - 46

Laboratory hours - 16

Externship hours - 56

Graduates can be assisted with immediate job placement opportunities through our affiliate company, Dependable Staffing Agency. 

Admission Requirments

  • Must be at least 18 Years old
  • Have High school Diploma, GED, Higher Education equivalency, or pass the entrance exam
  • US students must pass the entrance exam with 75% passing grade. Exam may be retaken once free of charge.
  • Foreign students must pass CELSA Test with 75% passing grade (if applicable). Test may be retaken free of charge. 
  • Complete a background inquiry form. Any record of crimes against persons will prevent an individual from working in this field.
  • Provide documentation of a completed 2 steps tuberculosis test. If positive, must get a chest x-ray.
  • Clinical facilities may require additional information, such as MMR and Hepatitis B vaccine
  • Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope
  • Gait Belt
  • Watch with Second Hand

Upcoming Course Schedules


2/25/19- 3/11/19

3/25/19- 4/15/19

4/29/19- 5/13/19

5/27/19- 6/10/19

Day:  Monday Through Friday

Time: 8am to 4:30pm

***Not available in our Kent location***

Call 253-252-3956  



  • Registration fee $60
  • Tuition $650
  • Book $50
  • Entrance Exam $15
  • Obtain a background check through the Washington State Patrol at for $12

Total Cost $780

Short-term and long-term financing is available for those in need. 

We also accept G.I. Bill for military personnel.