Home Care Aide

About our program

This is a fully accredited 75-hour program. 

Individuals who graduate earn: 

  • Home Care Aide designation
  • 7 hours of HIV/AIDS training
  • Mental Health Certificate
  • Dementia certificate 
  • Safety Orientation certificate.  

This course lasts approximately 3 weeks.

Total course hours - 75

Classroom hours - 63

Laboratory hours - 12

Course Information

The cost for this program is $510. 

We accept G.I. Bill for military personnel.


  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have High School Diploma, GED, Higher Education equivalency, or pass an entrance exam.
  • Pass the entrance exam with 75% passing grade. Exam may be retaken once, free of charge.
  • Must pass CELSA Test with 75% passing grade (if applicable). Test may be retaken, once, free of charge.

Upcoming course dates

Dates: 01/7/2019 to 1/25/2019

Day:  Monday to Friday

Time: 8am to 4:30pm

Call 253-252-3956 or Email info@healthprofessionalsinstitute.com to enroll today!

Course Calendar