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About the Health Professionals Institute

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The Affordable Health Care Education

In designing our health care education system, we have taken great care to develop a curriculum that we have structured as a full and comprehensive, professional-level care-giving professionals training program.

We provide our students with the cutting-edge training that equips them to handle the challenges presented by the day-to-day responsibilities of the professional health care environment.

The class offerings are structured and scheduled to offer an affordable, flexible, and convenient alternative that still provides top-quality, state-of-the-art training.
Health Professionals Institute will be the region’s training program of choice, based on its excellence of developing care-giving professionals.

Core Values We, the faculty, staff, and administration of Health Professionals Institute, place students at the center of all we do and support and promote the excellence of their efforts. We affirm and embody pluralism, value collaboration and shared decision making, and honor creativity and innovation.

We consider it our duty to anticipate changing demands in education and welcome the opportunity to shape its future. We acknowledge our responsibility to society and embrace the belief that widespread access to excellent post secondary education is the cornerstone of the democratic society.

We are dedicated to developing and empowering the next generation of care-giving professionals. Committed to the tradition of caring for the sick, the injured, and the infirm, our training program combines the spirit and compassion of care-giving with the latest techniques and technology. We are committed to becoming the affordable educational option for the health care industry.

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New Program: Medical Assistant (MA)

Medical Assistants play an important role in the health care team by providing direct patient care as well as performing both administrative and clinical procedures. They promote health awareness by educating their patients, the patient’s family, and their community. Medical Assistants work under the supervision of the physician, physician-assigned supervisor, or provider-employer. They provide a variety of services to the patient in clinics, physician's’ offices, and other health care settings. With experience, Medical Assistants can be promoted to a supervisory position such as Clinical Supervisor or Office Manager. Health Professionals Institute will provide, prepare, and assist its students to become exemplary Medical Assistants in order to supply qualified graduates for the medical community workforce. Program graduates are eligible to sit for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) certification exam

New Program: Medication Assistant Endorsement Program

The MA-C’s role is to assist nurse in one of the many tasks related to the safe administration of medications. This class will teach NACs how to give routine medications, perform simple dressing changes, and do blood glucose checks in the skilled facility. This 100 hours training will help MAC's to prepare for the state exam.

Nursing Assistant Training Program for Certification (NAC) - We have developed a Nursing Assistant Training Program to prepare the student to help care for residents in a healthcare facility, under the direction and supervision of a licensed nurse.
Home Care Aide - 75 hours (Core basic training) prepares the student for helping clients with their basic needs in the adult family home setting, boarding home setting or in their own homes.

Bridge Programs for Medical Assistant and Home Care Aide

Medical Assistant Certified Alternative Training Programs for Certified Nursing 
 Assistants- This 24 hours training for Medical Assistants prepare MA's to perform practical skills as a certified nursing assistant and prepares for the state exam. 

Home Care Aide Certified Alternative Training Programs for Certified Nursing Assistants- This 24 hours training for Home Care Aides prepare HCA's to perform practical skills as a certified nursing assistant and prepares for the state exam.

Orientation and Safety Training 5 hours

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)-This is the American Red Cross Standard- CPR. A CPR card is issued upon successful completion.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)- This is the American Red Cross Standard- AED. An AED card is issued upon successful completion

BCLS-Basic Cardiac Life Support-
Certificate issued upon successful completion.

ACLS - Advanced Cardiac Life Support-Certificate issued upon successful completion.

First Aid-This is the Red Cross Standard First Aid course.
A First Aid Card is issued upon the successful completion of this course.

Nurse Delegation
-This course will teach you:
  • What the law requires for Nurse Delegation
  • Your role as a Nursing Assistant in the delegation process
  • The importance of your role in client care as a partner with the delegating RN
  • The basics of how to administer medication
  • Medical knowledge you will need to perform specific procedures or treatments
Nurse Delegation - Special Focus on Diabetes
Special Focus on Diabetes must be Current NAR or NAC and have successfully completed 9 hours Nurse Delegation

Dementia Specialty Course for Caregivers and Managers
Provide caregivers and managers information, resources, and care tips to work with people with different types of dementia. Information regarding the differences between dementia, delirium, and depression and why it is important to know.

Mental Health Specialty Course for Caregivers and Managers
This course will provide caregivers and managers a general overview about mental disorders and information on four of the most common mental disorders (Anxiety disorder, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, and Schizophrenia).

HIV / AIDS - 4 hours, 7 hours
Caregivers will know common blood borne diseases, Etiology and Epidemiology, transmission and infection control, testing and counseling, clinical manifestations and treatment, legal and ethical issues.

Coming Soon: Dental Assistant
Coming Soon: School of Work Readiness Preparation
  • ESL Classes GED Preparation
  • Basic Writing
  • Citizenship Preparation
  • Student Success School
  • WASL Preparation Study Skills
  • School of Basic Office Skills
  • Practical Writing Basic Math
  • Introduction to Technology in the Office
  • School of Basic Office Technology
  • Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
Coming Soon: School of Real Estate

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